Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Bhutan is not an ordinary place, it has been the most loved country by tourists. Be its colourful culture or enigmatic mountain, the tourist places in Bhutan has always attracted tourists from across the world. The country of rolling hills and charming culture always exudes the charm that cannot be missed. Delightful people, dense forest, gigantic mountains and exclusive cuisine, always give a delightful experience. Bhutan is a place to experience and feel its warmth that will stay in your for lifelong.It evokes a sense of emotion that retains its opacity to keep you hooked. Bhutan is surprising and its traditions are visible.

A flight to Paro will be surely the most part of your journey overlooking the enigmatic snowy mountain calling you to explore them. Bhutan is blessed with hilltop monasteries that brings out the peace which you desire to have during your visit. These monasteries are century old and are still strong in terms of construction and solace which is offered. Some of these monasteries are listed in the UNESCO Heritage List and introduces to the long-lasting religion. Bhutan is known for its colourful festivals that have been celebrated since the time of kingdom. These festivals showcase the culture and present the story that is hidden beneath.

Masked people, colourful clothes and music are enough to keep you hooked and create interests. Then there are textiles and handicrafts that showcase the true art of the people here. Bhutan is not only about festivals and monasteries, but also of thrilling mountain activities, river rafting and archery competitions which are the part of Bhutan travel. All these certainly makes Bhutan the Gross National Happiness country giving a different picture altogether. So pack your bags and head to this happy country, to visit the most awaited tourist places in Bhutan.

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